Top Women Boxers In The World | 2023

In our world where strength, skill, and determination dominate the ring, women boxers have broken the stereotype and proved that boxing is no longer a man’s sport. The women’s boxing scene has grown rapidly over the past few years, with many talented athletes coming to the fore. In this article, we will talk about Top Women Boxers In The World who have not only excelled in their craft but have also become a source of inspiration for women all over the world.

Top Women Boxers In The World

Top Women Boxers In The World

1. Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and dominant female boxers to come from. Born in 1995, Shields made history at the age of 17 by becoming the first American woman to win a gold medal in boxing at the 2012 London Olympics, after which she won the gold medal in 2016. Won gold medal in Rio Olympics too. With an undefeated professional record, he has won multiple world titles in different weight classes, which attests to his versatility and undeniable talent.

2. Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor of Ireland has left a different identity of her own. Known for her fast punches and footwork, Katie Taylor won an Olympic gold medal in the 2012 lightweight division and since turning professional in 2016, she has won several titles and become the lightweight champion. Taylor recorded her identity as one of the greatest female boxers in history.

3. Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano is Hailing from Puerto Rico, Serrano demonstrated her versatility and dominance with an impressive world title record in 7 weight divisions. She is known for her explosive and aggressive style. He has enthralled the audience with his ability to finish his fight in spectacular fashion. By breaking barriers, and achieving greatness, she has been an inspiration to many aspiring women boxers around the world.

4. Jessica McCaskill

She has successfully defended her titles ever since, elevating her status among the elite. McCaskill has soared to new heights thanks to her grit and bravery inside the ring. Jessica McCaskil: Representing the United States, Jessica McCaskil has caused a stir in women’s boxing. Starting out as a long shot, McCaskill scored an impressive 2017 victory over undefeated Cecilia Braekhus to claim the title of undisputed welterweight champion. She has since gone on to defend her title relentlessly and cement her place among the elite Took. His tenacity and fearlessness inside the ring have taken him to new heights, proving that hard work and belief will go a long way in fighting the biggest while showing that determination and confidence can do anything.

5. Terri Harper

Terri Harper: Hailing from the United Kingdom, Terri Harper has emerged as a rising star in women’s boxing, becoming the WBC super-featherweight champion at the age of 24, the first female boxer to hold a world title on home soil. History has been created in this form. This, combined with his technical prowess and exceptional boxing IQ, earned him a reputation and respect within the boxing community. With an exciting career ahead of her, she will be a name to watch in the years to come.


The rise of women’s boxing has ushered in a new era of athleticism, skill and inspiration. Through their dedication, resilience and unbreakable spirit, these women boxers have shattered the glass ceiling. And paved the way for generations to come. Claressa Shields, Katie Taylor, Amanda Serrano, Jessica McCaskill, and Terri Harper are just a few examples of notable talent within the sport. As their names reverberate throughout history, they will continue to inspire women around the world, proving that it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman to achieve greatness in the boxing ring.


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