Top 5 Chetan Bhagat Books | 2023

Chetan Bhagat is an acclaimed Indian author who has captivated readers with his engaging storytelling and relatable characters. With a unique blend of humour, romance, and social commentary, his books have become immensely popular among avid and casual readers. This article will explore the top 5 Chetan Bhagat books that have left a lasting impact on readers worldwide.


Chetan Bhagat’s literary journey began with his debut novel, “Five Point Someone,” which instantly struck a chord with readers. Since then, he has continued to churn out compelling stories that resonate with the contemporary Indian audience. Let’s delve into the top 5 Chetan Bhagat books and discover the magic within their pages.

Top 5 Chetan Bhagat Books

Chetan Bhagat: A Renowned Indian Author

Before diving into the specific books, let’s take a moment to understand the author himself. Chetan Bhagat was born in New Delhi, India on April 22, 1974. He pursued his education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and later earned an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad. Bhagat’s professional background in finance and his relatable writing style have contributed to his immense popularity as a writer.

Book 1: “Five Point Someone”

"Five Point Someone" by Chetan Bhagat

“Five Point Someone” is Chetan Bhagat’s debut novel, published in 2004. Set in the backdrop of the Indian education system, the story follows the lives of three friends, Hari, Ryan, and Alok, as they navigate the challenges of their engineering college. The book sheds light on the pressure and competition faced by students and explores themes of friendship, love, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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Book 2: “One Night @ the Call Center”

One Night @ the Call Center

Published in 2005, “One Night @ the Call Center” takes readers on a thrilling journey through the lives of six call centre employees. The story unfolds during a single night shift where each character faces personal and professional dilemmas. Bhagat skillfully weaves together elements of love, ambition, and spirituality to create a gripping tale that explores the ups and downs of modern life.

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Book 3: “The 3 Mistakes of My Life”

The 3 Mistakes of My Life

“The 3 Mistakes of My Life,” published in 2008, is a coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of significant political and social events in India. The narrative revolves around three friends, Govind, Ishaan, and Omi, and their dreams of starting a business. This book explores themes of friendship, love, ambition, and the impact of societal and political forces on individual lives.

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Book 4: “2 States: The Story of My Marriage”

2 States: The Story of My Marriage

“2 States: The Story of My Marriage” was published in 2009 and tells the tale of two individuals from different cultural backgrounds, Krish and Ananya, who fall in love and decide to get married. However, they must navigate the challenges and prejudices that arise due to their diverse upbringings. Bhagat’s skilful storytelling and exploration of cultural differences make this book a compelling read.

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Book 5: “Half Girlfriend”

Half Girlfriend

Published in 2014, “Half Girlfriend” explores the complexities of modern relationships. The story revolves around Madhav, a boy from rural Bihar, and Riya, a girl from a privileged background. Their journey takes them through the corridors of St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and explores themes of love, friendship, and societal expectations. Bhagat’s unique storytelling style adds depth and relatability to the characters and their experiences.

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Chetan Bhagat’s books have successfully entertained and engaged readers with their captivating stories, relatable characters, and social commentary. From “Five Point Someone” to “Half Girlfriend,” each book offers a unique perspective on contemporary Indian life. Bhagat’s ability to connect with readers through his writing has earned him a special place in the hearts of millions of readers.


Q: Are Chetan Bhagat’s books suitable for all age groups?
A: While Chetan Bhagat’s books generally target young adults, readers of various age groups can find enjoyment in his stories.

Q: Are Chetan Bhagat’s books available in multiple languages?
A: Yes, Chetan Bhagat’s books have been translated into several languages to reach a wider audience.

Q: Which book by Chetan Bhagat has been adapted into a Bollywood film?
A: Several of Chetan Bhagat’s books have been adapted into successful Bollywood films, including “3 Idiots” and “2 States.”

Q: How many books has Chetan Bhagat written so far?
A: Chetan Bhagat has written a total of seven books, with his most recent release being “One Indian Girl.”

Q: What makes Chetan Bhagat’s books stand out from other contemporary authors?
A: Chetan Bhagat’s books combine relatable characters, engaging storytelling, and social commentary, making them unique and appealing to readers.

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